Chelsea appeal two-window transfer ban

Chelsea FC has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after being banned for two transfer windows.

As of now, the club has been prohibited from making any new signings play for the club for one year by FIFA. The ban was imposed as a result of allegations against the club who ‘broke regulations in the signing of youth players’. The club had previously appealed to the world governing body and saw the ban being overturned partially. Ironically, they were allowed to sign youth players for the next two windows but were prevented from doing the same with senior players.

Press release from CAS

The club can still make senior signings but they can’t play for the club until the ban is over meaning they have to take a loan elsewhere or take a break. It was believed Chelsea would go to the CAS immediately after FIFA wasn’t satisfied with the Chelsea argument. But the club waited for FIFA’s written report of why they denied the application to make further progress.

If the CAS deems Chelsea’s appeal worthy, they’ll proceed with a hearing. The CAS can freeze or overturn the ban, but if the request is not considered serious then there is the risk of adding an extra window to the ban.

As rumors go, Sarri might be heading to Juventus while Real is closing on a £130M deal for Hazard. Stay tuned for more updates.

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